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BonusVPN: The Most Stable and Fastest VPN for Streaming.

Get free 2GB bonus vpn users interface

Maximize the performance of your favorite streaming services with BonusVPN

BonusVPN is designed to increase your streaming experience - wherever you are. You might be upset about the slow download speed when watching videos, or feel disappointed when your favorite TV shows are blocked because of your location. But now you can connect to our global, high-speed Bonus servers and surf the web free of throttling, download caps or geolocation restrictions, without extra charge.

Watch the most comprehensive US streaming content

Switch to 1080P/4K whenever you want

Web player optimization

More features to explore

Earn BonCoin
Redeem free VPN data as a bonus

Most VPN providers want you to pay for a subscription. We pay you instead. We offer a special bonus to users who opt in to join our BonCoin (Bonus Coin) Program. Simply turn on the share button, share your bandwidth, and your bonus are on the way.


What You Can Do with BonCoin?

an icon before the textexchange bonus vpn data Exchange BonusVPN Data . An icon of a gift box Redeem Gift Card . An icon before the text trade for cash Trade for Cash .


How to Get BonCoin?

An icon before the text share bandwidth Share Bandwidth . An icon before the text purchase directly Purchase Directly . An icon before the text refer friends Refer Friends .

Protect online activities with military-level security

BonusVPN desktop clients secure your personal and private data over any connection. With our military-level encryption and automatic Wi-Fi security, nobody can see your IP address and the sites you visit. Keep your browsing history only to yourself.

Global servers

Military-level encryption

Automatic Wi-Fi security

No logging policy

Loved by VPN users globally

We invited hundreds of VPN users to test our program and received 99% positive feedback. Enjoy this world-class VPN service trusted by users worldwide.

Special bonus for heavy users

99% positive feedback

5-star, 24/7 customer support



2GB bonus data before commitment

Choose subscription based plans or pay-as-you-go


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