What is a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, a secure tunnel between two or more devices. Connecting to a VPN gives you an encrypted connection to the internet, which allows you to stay private, to stay secure, and to access online content you want—no matter where you are. You can use your VPN to:

  • Hide your real IP address and surf the web with privacy

  • Protect your confidential information (such as online banking credentials or social media passwords) through VPN encryption

  • Unblock and access your favorite websites and social media platforms

  • Stream and download anything securely, anonymously, and without limits

  • Get discounts when you shop online

You are under no obligation to provide us with Personal Information, but your refusal to do so may prevent you from accessing and using the Web Services or using certain Web Service features.

Why do I need a VPN for streaming services?

You may think you have full access to the content of a paid streaming service. But that’s not true. With Netflix, not all its titles are globally available. Most European countries have less than 4,000 titles on Netflix while the U.S Netflix has over 6,000. With a VPN you can access Netflix’s full library.

What differentiates BonusVPN from other VPN providers?

BonusVPN is designed to support streaming, especially Netflix. We put our best effort to ensure you have the fastest and most stable Netflix servers among all VPN providers. With our massive amount of global servers, real-time server monitoring, and a powerful smart index algorithm, we can detect if Netflix has recognized your IP address and then automatically redirect you to a new IP address within seconds. As a result, BonusVPN provides a much more stable Netflix experience compared to other VPNs.

How much is BonusVPN?

The price depends on the plan you choose. Please refer to our pricing page for plan details. We also offer 2GBs of free BonusVPN data for you to test our product. You may also join our BonCoin program to earn free data.

What is BonCoin?

BonCoin is short for Bonus Coin. It is the point and reward system of BonusVPN. Users have the choice to share bandwidth with other users to earn BonCoin. BonCoin can be redeemed for BonusVPN data, Netflix gift cards, and more. We plan to add more benefits to BonCoin. You may even trade BonCoin for a flight ticket in the future.

Will there be any negative influence on my internet speed if I join the BonCoin program?

The answer is no. Sharing your bandwidth will not make any difference on your daily internet performance mainly because you will share upload bandwidth instead of download bandwidth. Upload bandwidth is useful only when you are trying to upload something to the internet. For example, uploading a file to Google Drive. We will suggest you turn off the sharing button when you need to upload something. Otherwise, you shall not experience any speed differences when browsing the internet.

How many BonCoins can I earn daily?

Your earnings are calculated by your upload speed and sharing time. The higher the upload bandwidth and the longer the sharing time, the more coins to earn. We do not set the maximum earning cap. You are welcome to add as many devices and upload bandwidth as you want.

Is there any requirement for devices to join BonCoin program?

Nope. As long as your device is equipped with the BonusVPN client (except the Chrome extension), that device is eligible to join the program.

What’s your refund policy?

We offer a 30-day grace period for a refund. If for any reason you’re unhappy with your BonusVPN experience, you have a full 30 days to get reimbursed on any BonusVPN plan you choose. Just get in touch with the BonusVPN Support Team. We will guide you through the refund procedure. Note that if you decide to join the BonCoin program, we can not refund you if you redeem any BonCoins within the grace period.